The WATCH CELLARs (custom made watch-winders and organizers), from CTR Ltd, are designed to organize, nicely display and properly store large collections of wrist watches, pocket watches, small table clocks, pens etc. They offer an elegant, practical and organized solution to customers with large collections of fine timepieces. The custom made construction allows the production of a wide variety of capacities, sizes and finishes, according to the customer’s needs, preferences and specific requirements. All fine watches will be easily accessible for their owner to look at them, check their status, and decide which one to pick-up at just a glance!

All WATCH CELLARs feature high-technology watch-winder modules, keeping mechanical (automatic or hand-wound) wrist or pocket watches fully wound, working at their peak expected performance. So, the phase of the Moon, the calendar and any other complications will indicate accurate and updated information. Also, the delicate mechanisms of the watches will remain adequately lubricated, and much less stress will be put on the crown and related components. The watch winder modules are produced with High-quality components and feature electronic timers, quiet operation and low power consumption.These factors will highly contribute to extend the timepieces’ useful life, and will reduce the frequency of overhaul procedures for the watches installed at the Watch Cellars.

The WATCH CELLARs are precisely and carefully produced with beautiful and exclusive wood and wood veneers, and can be lined with high-quality natural leather and chamois leather. The company’s very skilled technicians, craftsmen and carpenters, meticulously take careof all steps in the manufacturing of the projects. As a result, the Watch Cellar will be easily and harmonically installed at the customers’ premises, with no special requirements. They are presented and equipped with a vast repertoire of advanced options such as a LED-basedinternal lightning system, a lift system to discretely hide the panel with the watches, automated curtains, electronic locks etc.

The WATCH CELLARs are designed and produced on a custom-made and made-to-measure basis, and with the support of computer-generated images and perspectives, the customer is well informed about all the projects’ details and options available, as well as, its perfect fit in to the customer’s installation site (home, home-office, office etc).