CTR’s Watch Cellars™ are fine custom-made watch winders cabinets, functional furniture and custom built safes designed to nicely display and properly store large collections of wristwatches, pocket watches, as well as, jewelry, documents, collectible items, pens, etc. The company also manufactures exclusive custom cigar humidors.

Watch Cellars™ are designed with the support of computer-generated images and perspectives, the customer is well informed about all the projects details and options available, as well as, its perfect fit in to the customer’s installation site (home, home-office, office etc).

The Watch Cellars™ features state-of-the-art watchwinder modules, keeping mechanical watches fully wound and working at their peak expected performance. Also, the delicate mechanisms of the watches will remain adequately lubricated, extending the timepieces’ useful life. The Watch Cellars™ cabinets’ are precisely and beautifully custom made with exquisite woods by specialized craftsmen, lined with highquality natural leather, and installed at the customer’s premises. They can be equipped with advanced options, like electronic locks, secret lift systems and internal LED lightning.

The custom built Watch Cellar™ safes are designed to house special treasures such as watches, jewelry, pens or even in some cases collectible guns and hunting rifles. They can also be fitted with watch winders modules, and their interior drawers and trays can be designed for storing many other collectible items and/or documents.